BadPuppy – Dean Monroe

World traveler and industry veteran Dean Monroe pays a visit to the Badpuppy set where he goes into quite the detail about himself, his travels and his positive perceptions on life. He abruptly switches topics to things that turn him on and we find out that straight guys really do it for him. I get it, what gay man has not known that absolutely hot straight friend that you knew it was never going to happen with; but, what the hell, you’ll keep hanging out and continuously salivating over him. Well, Dean apparently got there quickly and he begins rubbing the huge bulge growing larger and stiffer inside his shorts. He kneels on the bed, slowly pulls down his shorts exposing his hard, thick, uncut cock. Dean lays back on the bed and slides out of his shorts. He grabs the bottle of lube, applies a generous portion to his dick and proceeds to stroke himself while he tweaks his nipple. Dean rolls over on the bed so that Gio can get a nice tight shot of his hot ass; well, Dean decides to start dry-humping the sheets. He manages to get himself all worked up so, he rolls over and begins pounding his cock with a tight fist. His nuts practically disappear as Dean moans just a little and with a final tweak to his nipple he shoots a thick load of creamy jizz all over himself. Dean raises his cum-covered hand to his tongue and licks it clean.