BadPuppy – Bruno Cox, Jacob Wolf


We join Bruno Cox and Jacob Wolf relaxing on the bed as David begins the interview. Both Bruno and Jacob are 25 years old and cute as hell. Jacob identifies as gay and his first sexual experience was with a friend who lived at a local trailer park. Bruno identifies as bisexual claiming he first hooked up with a guy just to jerk off together. He’s had sex with women; but, says that he prefers men because men do a better job of sucking dick. They strip out of their shirts and it’s apparent they are both physically fit. Bruno is into kick-boxing and works out 4 days a week. Jacob works out 6 days a week and believe me it shows. The two of them stand up after the interview, pull each other close and begin kissing. Jacob diverts and begins kissing and licking Bruno’s nipples as the two of them paw at each other with their hands. Jacob slides his hands into Bruno’s underwear while Bruno slips off his shorts. With his underwear now on the floor, Jacob drops to his knees and swallows Bruno’s 7 inches of man-meat. They make their way back to the bed where Bruno lays his head back and thoroughly enjoys the blowjob Jacob delivers. Jacob loses his underwear exposing his thick, uncut cock and Bruno rolls over to return the blowjob. Bruno is up on his knees while he’s blowing Jacob and Jacob’s hand is jacking Bruno’s long hard cock. Bruno rolls Jacob over on the bed, pulls his ass into the air and slowly pushes his cock deep into Jacob’s ass. Bruno wastes no time and as soon as Jacob is used to his cock, he begins pounding fast and furious. After a time, Jacob rolls onto his back and throws his legs into the air. Bruno slides his cock back in, continues fucking Jacob and Jacob starts jacking his own cock. Bruno starts to go over the edge and lets Jacob know that he’s about to blow. He pulls out and dumps a thick juicy load of cum all over Jacob’s chest and abs. Jacob returns to jacking his cock while Bruno focuses on licking Jacob’s balls. Bruno’s tongue soon has Jacob trembling and as he starts breathing eavily, he squirts jizz all over himself. Tired and spent the two collapse into each other with a final kiss as the camera fades to black.



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