MilitaryClassified – DALTON 5


How many of you remember this guy? DALTON is back from a short Hiatus and now he wants to turn over a new leaf and see if he can finally cross that gay for pay line but we have to work our way up to it. You see Dalton is straight and although he’s comfortable to degree, he still sees a guy as a guy and well.. not conducive for a hard on. Watch as Rob takes this scene and turns it around giving Dalton an orgasm that seriously has to be Dalton’s best!
Dalton is a tall, lean and muscular straight guy, typical to say the least. At 6’2″ and 180 its not wonder the man is sporting an almost 8 inch cock that is relatively thick and well, I just can’t seem to take my eyes or hands, for that matter, away from it and today is no exception. I was so ready for Dalton that i didn’t even finish taking his clothes off before I was on my knees… you know the rest.
At first I have to say that I wasn’t sure how this scene was going to turn out because at first I think Dalton was a little nervous about the whole thing and was having trouble getting hard. It does happen, these are straight guys BUT persistence always pays off and I was relentless in my pursuit of the nut and I wasn’t going to give up until I was rewarded for my work.
Once his hard on was in full bloom, I began to suck this boy off like there was no tomorrow. Dalton stayed on the edge of the bed and with his legs spread eagle and hands behind his head, I made my way from his balls to his shaft and then the top! I could see that Dalton was getting into that mode where we all know guys go before they nut and I took note of that and was prepared for the reward.
As I sucked even faster and harder, the look on Dalton’s face was showing a little panic and nervousness as I made him even more excited and knew exactly where this was heading. Without a warning, little bastard, he lets out a nut that was HUGE.. this guy must have waiting 5 days because at the end i realized I had jizz not only on my floor and bed, but all over my hand and arm… I was coated with Dalton’s love juice!