BadPuppy – Cris Knight & Seth Knight


Cris Knight and Seth Knight are a real-life couple who have been together for four years and enjoy working in the industry together. They both currently live in New York, but Cris is originally from Russia and Seth from Texas. As they complete their interview, they both lean in towards each other and begin kissing very passionately. Seth reaches down and frees Cris’ long, uncut cock from his underwear. They both quickly strip out of their shorts and Cris leans over and swallows Seth’s rock-hard cock. Seth lays back on the sofa enjoying the blowjob from Cris while he lies there tweaking his nipples. Cris turns and bends over the sofa, and with his ass in the air, Seth buries his face deep in Cris’ hole. Seth works his tongue in deep and proceeds to get Cris nice and moist. Seth grabs Cris’ cock, starts stroking it, and then he sucks it all the way to the back of his throat. Seth pushes Cris over on the sofa and drives his cock deep into Cris’ ass. Cris immediately begins backing up on Seth’s dick as Seth pounds harder and faster. The moaning increases with each thrust, and soon Seth is going at it fast and furious. The two of them switch positions with Seth sitting down on the sofa and Cris sliding down onto Seth’s dick. Seth immediately starts power-fucking from below while Cris rides up and down with each thrust. Seth pushes Cris back on the sofa, grabs his ankles and drives his cock back in. The pounding continues while Cris jerks his uncut piece of man-meat. As the fucking intensity increases both studs go over the edge at the same time. Cris starts squirting as Seth pulls out and sprays Cris with a heavy stream of thick, creamy jizz.