MilitaryClassified – KENTON 6


KENTON has turned out to be one of this year’s best and popular according to all of you out there so he’s baaaack! Its another round with this former Marine and Kenton is now opening up the door to doing some more exploring but watch as he re-acquaints himself feeling that tight brown hole on his dick! Kenton delivers an orgasm that first you see it and then you don’t! Check it out!
Kenton was eager to get back in front of the cameras and he had his opportunity recently as he made his way back out to Laguna Beach for a mini vaca along with some fucking and sucking at Rob’s studios. It worked out rather nice I’d say! We had just returned from the airport and he was settling in and we wasted no time getting the first shoot out of the way….. Kenton was very HAPPY ====> to see Rob!
As soon as the cameras got rolling, Kenton was butt naked on my bed sporting that beautifully tight and smooth body sitting on the edge smoking a cigarette! Ahhhh…… that ole military life! Kenton was reminiscing on his cigarette while I began reminiscing on that perfectly cut specimen of a cock he has! I licked just about everywhere in his crotch region before I made my way up to that cock and before long I was bobbing up and down on that puppy with minimal trouble.
Kenton’s eyes widened when I deep throated his dick and his toes began curling in and out which I knew he was holding back from letting himself get to dangerous territory. That’s when I slammed down on that dick with my ass. Yep I lubed it up nice and wet and while he sat there with his rager, I mounted him side saddle and bounced my ass on his cock which drove him crazy.
Kenton told me that he hadn’t had any sex in well over a week, which is a record for him (oh to have that problem!) so his sensitivity level was on high alert and my tight warm hole was a little to much for him to handle and raw, this stud muffin, began to roar out his load both inside my ass and out… totally hot to see that! Enjoy!


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