CollegeDudes – Dante’s Hole Hammered By Landon – Dante Drackis & Landon Matthews


Dante Drackis and Landon Matthews taste each other as they kiss, their tongues entwining before Dante wants his mouth on Landon’s cock instead. On his knees, Dante sucks and licks that sweet prick, gagging on it as he deepthroats Landon’s member. Dante lies back on the bed and lets Landon go down on him next, Landon’s lips tightening around Dante’s uncut cock. Landon works that dick, his mouth leaving Dante more than satisfied before he turns Dante around and pushes that hard cock into Dante’s tight hole.

Dante takes every inch, letting Landon pound him from behind before turning onto his back to get fucked some more. Dante moans as Landon drives that cock into him, fucking him faster and harder while Dante reaches for his own shaft. Gripping himself, cock sliding between his finger, Dante works his dick until he shoots a nice load of cum, lying back to let Landon finish on him as these studs ride out their orgasms and squeeze out ever last drop of jizz!