BoysHalfwayHouse – Cracker In Distress – Landon Matthews


This resident was recently released to us, and we’ve already had a lot of fun showing him the ropes. Of course, this cracker hasn’t had much fun himself, but given his whirlwind of problems since he turned 18, it’s probably for the best that he spend some time in quiet reflection rather than enjoying the ride. He was brought in overnight, so first thing in the morning me and my fellow House Manager went in at the crack of dawn to greet the newbie. The welcome wasn’t that warm, however. We did a full search of his stuff, and we found some items that ought not have been brought into the House. After some terse words from us, he seemed to not be understanding his place in the pecking order, so we decided to show him how to have some proper respect for our authority.

He managed to be a halfway decent cocksucker, but damn was this teenage virgin’s hole tight as could be! It took a while to crack him open, and as the cock went in further, his screaming and moaning got louder. By the time I was going full throttle on his little tiny hole, he was almost squealing like a girl! It’s always funny to hear those kind of noises coming from some dumb-ass macho-wannabe cracker. Pretty sure he’d never quite sounded like that before. And also pretty sure that he’d never begged for mercy like he was right before he got a huge load deposited in his cunt. He might break some of the minor rules going forward, but we are damn sure he got the message about who’s in charge and his place in the world.