BeefCakeHunter – Edging big balls Bori


Edging big balls Bori video was a very improvised one, and I am going to explain to you why.

It was lunch time, I had just finished a long shooting, so I was pretty worn out. I was hungry and I needed a nice cold drink to chill. In other words, the last thing I had in my mind was having more sex or making another video. I walked to the nearest pub of the hotel where I was staying, and for some reason even though it was a very hot day, I preferred to sit at the terrace, not inside, I actually was in the most outside table, like I knew what was coming.

Before I continue with what happened next let me tell you a bit about Beefcake Bori, this young sexy Latino lives in another city, he works as a construction worker, and he just had a big argument with his girlfriend. It seems that she asked him to leave the house, so he took a few clothes and whatever money he had, took the bus to the nearest city where he probably will be homeless for a couple of days. So, the nearest city where he was heading happens to be where I was that day, not only that, the bus station was a few blocks away from the Pub where I was refreshing myself.

When Beefcake Bori arrived, he started asking for a dollar to the people he encountered, and he started to walk around and passed by where I was. When I saw him walking towards the pub he got my attention and I don’t know if he noticed it or not but he approached me and ask me for one dollar… bingo! It was the perfect moment, I told him: “you can get more from me than one dollar, please just wait until I finish my lunch and we can talk”. He couldn’t wait and took a chair and sat next to me and said: “please tell me now, I am very interested in hearing what you have to say”. At that moment the waiter came to take my order and of course I ordered food for the two of us, Beefcake Bori was hungry…

To make a long story short, you already know what I proposed to him, and he was like oh yeah, I have the tool for it! Let’s do this! I am pretty sure what I offered him for the video gig is a lot more than what he was expecting to collect begging on the streets.

Once at the hotel he took a very long shower and asked me for some perfume. Then he showed me what his cock looks like, and I just couldn’t believe how delicious it is, it was destiny that on that day brought Bori to become another Beefcake at BeefCakeHunter Land! ?

Honestly, I was expecting him to be more enthusiastic in his performance, but he was kind of shy throughout the scene, though his cock was not, he tried to make it hard himself, but I stopped him by telling him that it was my job to do it lol.

At moments he’d make me slow down, I did not know that I was Edging big balls Bori, he knew that he had to last but he failed to express, I guess the whole thing was too much for him, but I did not mind taking care of his big balls for long periods and slow licking and sucking his curved down cock. When the moment was right, I gave him the ok to cum, and when he did, he gave a big nut like I haven’t had in a while here at BCH…wow that was amazing! I hope you guys enjoy this video Edging big balls Bori.