GrowlBoys – THE KID Chapter 2 – Altar of Prometheus

Bishop lifted the young man up over his shoulder. Nathan was athletic and substantial, but the older satyr’s strength was beyond that of even a mortal man of his size. He effortless carried him as if he were no more than a bag of groceries away from the woods. His bottom had been thoroughly fucked and inseminated, an act that is known to exhaust humans not accustomed to satyr sex.

He smiled, knowing that the sleeping man was full of his seed, already undergoing the Promethean changes. The boy’s buttocks was next to his face as his legs hung in front of him. He saw the freshly fucked hole, surprisingly taught for all it endured, only slightly red from the intense pounding.

Bishop wanted to make sure his breeding would take full effect and bring Nathan to his new life as soon as possible. He lifted his meaty finger and brought it to his hole. The boy’s orifice was still wet and pliable, taking his finger into the knuckle without hesitation. His insides were coated in his cum, making his insertion a gentle and delicate maneuver. Bishop pushed his seed in further, making sure it settled deep inside his young lover.