BrokeStraightBoys – Kace Axel and Malakai White

Kace Axel and Malakai White are eager to get their scene going as they lean toward each other on the bed and start making out, their kisses getting hungrier by the minute. They both lose their shirts and Malakai gives some attention to Kace’s nipples, making him moan before he goes down on that dick next, sucking and deepthroating Kace’s big cock. Malakai stands up to receive some head too, letting Kace lick and suck on that sweet prick, cupping his balls and choking on that dick as Malakai pushes it deeper.

When Malakai’s cock is dripping with Kace’s spit, he gets onto the bed and puts his ass in the air, inviting Kace to fill him up with that bareback cock and Kace doesn’t keep him waiting. Lining his dick up with Malakai’s tight hole, Kace pushes inside and buries himself balls deep, fucking Malakai hard and raw as Malakai groans in pleasure. Pounding him into the bed, Kace dominates Malakai and then turns him onto his back, legs spread and ass wide open to receive Kace’s full length. The harder he fucks him the closer Malakai gets to cumming as he grips his prick and strokes it faster until he nuts all over himself and then Kace pulls out to add his thick cum too!