GrowlBoys – Lost Boys – CHAPTER 2 – Stranger Danger


Tommy is introduced to the world of Prometheans and Thebans in this next chapter in LOST BOYS. The handsome young man encounters a sexy muscle bear for a passionate hookup, only to find himself caught the cave of true beast!

As CHAPTER 2: Stranger Danger begins, Tommy is on his way to his new hookup’s place. Little does he know, his life is about to be irrevocably changed. After meeting the handsome, young muscle daddy, the intimate tryst proves to be more special that Tommy could have imagined. The young man feels his heart and body open up in ways he could have never expected, falling madly in love with the burly man.

All seems perfect until the next day when plans with this friends take an unexpected turn. As his friends visit their favorite, secret swimming spot, a mysterious man entices them to a dangerous place…
19 Apr

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