CumClub – Seth’s 1st Raw Load

Seth and Kyle come together for a monumental raw pounding. Seth has already fucked Kyle. Now Seth takes a raw load up his ass for the first time on video.

When Seth said he wanted to bottom and take a load on video, we knew that Kyle was the guy to fuck his tight hole raw!

The video begins with Seth sucking on Kyle’s gorgeous cock. After getting Kyle hard, Seth climbs on and slowly lets Kyle’s dick slide in and out of his butt hole. Seth takes the entire bareback cock up to Kyle’s signature huge nuts.

Kyle and Seth fuck in a couple of hot positions. The more they fuck, the more Seth is comfortable with Kyle’s cock deep in his ass.

Kyle has Seth lay face down on the bed and starts fucking him hard. Seth is loving getting his ass pounded. It’s so fucking hot when Seth asks for Kyle’s cock “deeper”.

After a few more positions and more pounding, Seth pops his butt up in the air and has Kyle fuck him doggie style. This is the position he wants to take Kyle’s load. He’s so ready for Kyle to unload inside his ass.

Kyle fucks Seth’s ass some more and shoots a nice thick load on Seth’s gaping asshole. Kyle reinserts his dick pushing his semen deep inside Seth. Kyle then collects the cum that landed on Seth’s back & pushes it in his hole with his fingers!

Seth still hungry for more cum, collects more of Kyle’s jizz and pushes it deeper into his hole making sure it’s there to stay.

Seth later said that while he’s probably more suited to delivering loads than taking them, he loved the sensation of Kyle’s fresh warm spunk deep in his hole and can’t wait to do it again.


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