BlackBoyAddictionz – Kingston: The Next Level – Bandit, Kingston & Manny Killa


Anyone who’s seen the interview at the end of ​Kingston’s last scene ​already knows just how unlikely it seemed this scene would ever happen.

“You guys can just erase that out your minds!” Kingston stubbornly insisted when we brought up the possibility of him taking things to the next level. “Not gonna happen.”

So when this cocky, light-skinned Jamaican teen finally gave in and reluctantly agreed to put a DICK in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME, I jumped at the chance to film it!

And who better to bring in as the perfect mentors and guides for Kingston’s “next level” training than everybody’s favorite bromance, Manny Killa and Bandit? Both guys take turns eagerly kissing Kingston’s full, pretty lips and demonstrating their own unique oral skills, showing their skeptical new student how it’s done.

Without a doubt, however, the most shocking and unforgettable part of this threesome tutorial comes when ​Kingston drops to his knees and returns the favor….

Kingston ​still refuses to give up his tempting young ass, but seeing the stubborn straight boy finally slobber and choke on two of the BIGGEST DICKS on the BBA roster as they plunge in and out of his freshly deflowered mouth is a REALITY PORN exclusive you do not want to miss!