TimFuck – Request Concert


Over the last year, just about every bottom I have met has asked me for one thing. The dick of ESTEBAN. And once it is going to happen – they then go through a combination of incredulous excitement and total fear over the prospect of actually getting fucked by it. Let’s face it – you and I would too!

HANS BERLIN begged me for months to get fucked and bred by Esteban. The first scheduled meeting got cancelled and that only added to literally months of Hans anticipating what it would be like to have THAT cock in his hole.

Now, lemme tell you something about Esteban. He ain’t fucking around. His dick is always rock hard before he drops his pants and he knows his cock is going in the hole whether the hole likes it or not. And… – he doesn’t like to fuck with lube.

A couple of minutes of sucking and Esteban has Hans bent over presenting his ass to be penetrated. Hans is also rock hard, so his desire must have outweighed his nervousness – you will witness that moment when Esteban buries the shaft in deep before giving him a good hammering. And just when Hans thinks he has got it all the way in, Esteban goes a little deeper.

The encounter ends with Hans getting the opportunity to ride Esteban’s dick – which makes the top shoot – while Hans begs him not to cum yet. Moments later. Hans asks him if he would like to go again.