RaunchyBastards – Straight Boy Comes Back For More – Trevor Hardman & Anthony Pear


After Trevor’s first trip out to do some Gay4Pay, I was a little worried he wouldn’t want to return. After all, it’s a long flight for him, and he expressed an interest in doing scenes with chicks over guys. That said, he was eager to come back when I asked. I’m so glad he did, because he has a crazy sex drive, and can get hard and stay hard all day long – cum over and over, too. Plus, and more importantly, there is just something very, very sexy about him. I can’t put my finger on it, but he’s one of those young guys that you don’t mind hanging out with at the local wing place, but who also you just want to have sex with all the time. Newbie Anthony, on the other hand, is equally horny and also a great guy, but he isn’t straight and even said that he’d want way more money to do a scene with a girl than with a guy. Ha! Well, I’m glad he’s been honing his skills with guys, because he’s a great bottom and an excellent cock sucker.

Toby filmed this for me, and I told him that he should make Trevor and Anthony kiss. I knew that Trevor hadn’t done that before, so he would probably be surprised. He was asked just that, and his facial expression in the video is priceless. Whether it helped or not, I do not know, but Trevor was rock hard the entire scene.

Anthony has a massive cock, and the other hot item in this scene, aside from the pounding, is watching Anthony and Trevor trade blowjobs, and then get into s 69. Anthony is an amazing cock sucker, and Trevor almost blew his load right then and there, but he held it in long enough to get a taste of Anthony’s fresh teen hole. Anthony starts the fucking by riding Trevor, both forward and backward, and after that Trevor lays Anthony on the bed and fucks him hard and deep. Anthony’s hole must have felt great, too, because Trevor cums buckets inside and partially onto Anthony’s asshole. Hot fuck!