Bobo has been given his orders to seduce and check out David with a $EXXY massage, and Bobo knows there’s cash and maybe a rich benefactor in the deal. So even though David is suspicious from the start, Bob does his straight boy best to give a gay playboy what he needs–cock and lots of it, in the mouth and up the butt!

Standing at the head of the massage table, Bobo dangles his dong in David’s face and gets the response he’s looking for. David sucks the stiff juicy cock and lets David facefuck him. Bobo is either a bit turned on or an excellent actor, as he’s hard and more than ready to plunge in to David’s cock-starved hole. Bent over the massage table, David gets his insides stirred up by straight-boy dick and has NO complaints.

Bobo manhandles David in just the right way, turns him onto his back and rams in straight and hard. The view of muscular Bobo’s ass and balls as he plows David at the end of the table is spectacular, and it must feel great. Bobo can’t help speeding up and pounding harder, while David joins in to begin beating his own dick and spreading his lean bronzed thighs further to encourage an even deeper reaming.

The muscleman cries out “Oh, FUCK!” as he breaks rule number 1: the customer is supposed to cum first. He splashes out a sticky splatter over David, who spurts out repeatedly and doesn’t seem to mind being second on the trigger. David assures Bob that it was a great fuck, but he has no intention of ditching his boyfriend, offering a wad of bills to Bobo as a nice consolation prize. Time for Bobo to report back to Darryl, a happier and much richer ma$$eur.