ManUpFilms – Future Pimp Makes Batman Fuck Robin – Lance Hart, Mason Lear & Ricky Larkin

Batman and Robin are searching a house for the villainous “Future Pimp.” He’s a Pimp from the 4th Dimension. He’s able to come in and out of the moment at will. He’s been snatching up all the hookers from Gotham and taking them to his dimension. He must be stopped… Future Pimp appears and is not concerned with Batman’s threats. He tells Batman and Robin that if they don’t do exactly what he wants, he’ll break the space time continuum as they know it and fuck up their world’s reality. “I wanna see Batman’s big dick inside the Boy Wonder’s tight ass… now!” Batman turns to Robin, “We better do what he says, the whole world is at stake. I’ll try to be gentle…” Batman slides his huge cock inside Robin. It hurts, but Batman can’t stop himself from fucking his side kick harder. He fucks his brains out until he cums on his ass. Robin wants to cum. Batman squeezes and plays with the Boy Wonder’s balls while he jerks off until he cums all over himself. They saved Gotham, for now…