ManUpFilms – Alpha Stud Returns Part 3 – Cameron Kincade & Pierce Paris


Superman has submitted to being Alpha Stud’s bitch. He is bound with his arms over his head in a dungeon while Alpha Stud toys with him. He uses a vibrator to tease him and smack his sore balls. “I’m going to castrate you now.” Superman begs, then after more torment he says “Yes sure please cut off my balls” in a whimper. Alpha Stud is very happy to hear this. First he wants to extract a final load of cum for research. He leaves to get some tools. Superman feels his powers starting to restore. He breaks free from the ropes. When Alpha Stud returns, Superman doesn’t just want to take him to jail. He wants to fuck his ass and humiliate him while emptying his sore balls all over the villain. Alpha Stud begs. He’s never been fucked in the ass before. Once Superman’s cock is inside him, he screams that it’s too big. He had been humiliating Superman’s small cock the whole video but now he can’t take it. Superman fucks his ass and cums all over it, then drags him off to prison to be someone else’s bitch.