Yusaku offers to relieve Hideaki’s sore muscles with a deep tissue sports massage. He compliments his body and Hideaki tells him about doing Kendo when he was younger. Yusaku slyly turns the subject to kiny guys who like the smell of sweaty bodies and old rank Kendo equipment, gets Hideaki immediately thinking about sex. Hideaki is naked on the bed, Yusaku in a backless pair of briefs, and momentarily the massage turns erotic as Yusaku grinds his crotch into Hideaki’s butt and begins nibbling at his neck and back. He reaches around to lightly flick his fingers across Hideaki’s nipples, and Hideaki turns over to show off a stiff woody. Yusaku climbs back on and sucks his nipple as his body presses in closer.

Yusaku must be one of those kinky guys who likes sweaty smells, cause he keeps his nose nuzzled into Hideaki’s armpits. His dick is rock hard and throbbing between Hideaki’s legs. The two young studs begin to kiss and rub their lean bodies together, then rub out their hard pricks against each other. Yusaku breaks the embrace and creeps down to get a musky mouthful of Hideaki’s cock. Holding Hideaki’s tool in one hand, he gently probes a finger into his tight furry hole. With Hideaki’s hairy thighs wrapped around him, he enters that ass, waits for it to get comfortable inside, then pumps his cock smoothly in and out.

Thick creamy lube drips from Hideaki’s hole and down toward his nuts as Yusaku plows in. Moans of pleasure fill the room as Yusaku wraps his arms around Hideaki’s neck and shoulder to draw closer as he grinds his crotch against the quivering ass. Two happy buddies end the massage side by side squirting their sperm across their lean young bellies and sharing a post-session kiss and cuddle.