Lean young All-American boy Luke Kennedy is the next hardy facefucker that David Ace has set his sights on. Or more accurately, whose crotch David has set his sights on. Right off the bat David kneels in front of the sofa where Luke lounges and peels down his black briefs. Luke is certainly hot and ready for some oral attention, as his cock snaps up like a diving board when it pops out of the underwear.

David slides up the length of Luke’s shaft, getting two-thirds of it down his gullet with each stoke. Finally focusing on sucking it ALL down, he slowly opens up and gets his mouth down to the fuzzy root. Luke’s breathing is slow and measured, his lean, stubbled body flexing and tensing with each wet suck.

David moves in for the climax, following each juicy oral move with a slick squeeze of his hand. He keeps the other hand free to milk his own cock, which is also getting ready to blow. With Luke wet and slick, David backs off and strokes hard with his fist, the sticky load pumping out onto his hand and into his hungry mouth. Two satisfied studs nuzzle their noses and smile.