CumClub – Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut


25-year-old Trace is back and he’s ready to fuck Aaron French hard and fast. This is actually Trace’s first time on video. We did release (out-of-order) a really hot suckoff video of him a while back. If you’re into Trace, (what’s not to like?) then you’ll definitely want to check out that video.

Trace fucks Aaron with a condom, yes a condom… You see, Trace told us he’s currently in a relationship with a “gal” and that’s the agreement they have. We respect that. However, since this is the Cum Club, where every load is delivered to the ass or mouth, you’re just gonna have to pull out an shoot your wad straight into Aaron’s mouth. Aaron won’t care. In the ass or down the throat, as long as he gets Trace’s load inside of him, it’s all good.

Trace is a bearded beefy guy with a quirky sense of humor and a beautiful uncut cock. Aaron got one look at Trace and knew he wanted his cock & cum inside him and fast!

We talk to Trace for a bit right before the fucking starts. He tells us that he’s usually with women but “sometimes you feel like a nut”. We know Trace, we feel like a nut all the time!!!

Aaron starts the video off by taking off Trace’s pants and munching on his thick uncut rod. Trace gets hard pretty quickly and then it was time to let him hop on and go for a ride.

Aaron pops his butt up in the air so Trace has easy access to his fuck-hole. Trace hasn’t fucked a lot of ass so he doesn’t have a lot of practice inserting his fat cock into a tight asshole. Once in, he begins to fuck like a rabbit.

Trace lays down on top of Aaron and humps his ass. Trace loves watching his cock slide in and out of Aaron’s hole. Trace really works up a sweat and starts dripping everywhere!

Trace speeds up his thrusting, pushing his cock in deeper with every thrust. Both Aaron and Trace are moaning with delight.

As Trace is fucking Aaron doggy, he asks if Aaron is ready for his cum. Aaron was really hungry for Trace’s load and tells him he really wants it. Trace pulls out as Aaron opens his mouth, ready to eat Trace’s load. Trace finger-bangs his own ass as Aaron strokes out his cum.

Trace unloads a healthy load of jizz in Aaron’s mouth. It seemed to keep coming and coming. In fact, cum kept oozing out of Trace’s dick for over a minute and a half. Aaron continues to suck out every drop. Seth, holding the camera, senses there is even more to be had and tells Trace to squeeze some more out. Sure enough, delicious white droplets appear and Aaron gobbles them down. Trace’s balls are now properly drained.

We hope you enjoy Trace’s first on-camera fuck. He certainly did!