CollegeDudes – Scott Demarco Pounds Lance Cole


Lance Cole and Scott Demarco tease each other through their clothes, grabbing those cocks and getting hard as they make out until Lance gets on his knees to suck Scott’s sweet dick. Scott moans breathily as Lance pleasures him with his warm, wet mouth, sliding that erect prick in and out of his soft lips until cock-hungry Scott pushes Lance to the bed so he can fill his mouth with meat now. A low, guttural growl escapes from Scott as he captures Lance’s dick with his mouth and sucks him, running his tongue along the shaft and then turning Lance over to get to that tight hole.

Scott pushes his face between Lance’s supple ass, rimming his taught little hole and slathering it with spit before standing up behind him and pushing his hard cock into Lance’s freshly licked entrance. Scott fucks Lance doggy style, pounding him hard and deep with his solid prick as Lance takes every inch of that dick, letting it fill him up then turning onto his back to bottom for Scott another way. As he spreads his legs and takes that dick, Lance works his own member until he strokes out his load, letting Scott finish with a few last deep pumps into him before he pulls out to cum too!