CollegeDudes – Eddie Danger & Javier Cruz


Eddie Danger and Javier Cruz are already getting hard as they push their lips together to make out, their hands reaching toward the other’s dick and playing with it as they kiss. But Javier has a taste for some sweet cock and gets on his knees to see what Eddie has to offer, wrapping his wet mouth around that prick and sucking it good. When Eddie is throbbing hard in Javier’s mouth, it’s time for Javier to get some head as Eddie lays him back on the bed and gets on his knees, lips ravishing that dick as Javier moans.

Eddie works that cock expertly then turns Javier over to get at that ass, rimming and licking his tight little hole as he gets Javier prepared for the fucking he’s about to get. On all fours, Javier spreads his legs and lets Eddie enter him from behind, taking it slow at first and then fucking him faster and harder as Javier’s juicy ass jiggles with each deep thrust. Javier turns from all fours to his back, lying down and letting Eddie have full access to his sore hole as Eddie buries his cock back inside and continues giving it to Javier hard until he fucks the cum right out of him! Javier shoots his load and Eddie pulls out, collapsing onto the bed to finish himself off as he strokes out his jizz while Javier watches!