BoysHalfwayHouse – Fuck ‘Em And Feed ‘Em – Cordon & Jack


When two hooligans are in cahoots, it’s usually something that ends up poorly for both of them here at the House. This time we found contraband that was being hidden and consumed by two of the most problematic residents, too. I grabbed one by the hair and marched him over to his buddy, and their punishment began right then and there.

Once they were on their knees taking turns with my cock, they seemed to realize the seriousness of their infraction, but I wasn’t satisfied with just getting some dome from these two losers. Not to say it wasn’t good. I even made one of them suck off his buddy while I inspected his tight teen hole. And when I slid my cock in, I made sure his friend was holding his legs in the air for me. Teamwork, right?

Well, straight young holes are often tight, and this one in particular was very sensitive. He groaned and whimpered and grimaced as I fucked his ass, and his friend – to my surprise – sported a boner and was even pre-cumming without touching himself! I guess maybe after this encounter they’ll cooperate on something other than breaking the rules. Then again, who knows? All I know is that after fucking some fine teenage ass I dumped my load into both of their mouths and all over one of their faces. The taste of cum didn’t seem to suit one of them too much, but he’ll get used to it if he keeps acting like the dipshit that he is.