BoyGusher – Ready Set Hook Up – Zach Stevens


I just got into town and rented this really nice condo for the weekend and decided to hook-up with my best buddy and hang out with him. I haven’t seen him in a long while as we spoke on the phone and made plans for him to come on over. I told him that was going to get ready, but I was so horned up, I decided to remove my clothes and jerk off instead. I rubbed my chest and played with my nipples and felt my cock as it grew. I was getting so horned up, I moved my undies and laid back and really got into stroking my cock. I was really getting into playing with my balls and stroking my long hard cock and as I was thinking what my buddy and were going to do when he arrived and I had so many thoughts that I know longer was able to control myself and my edging turned into a full jack session as my body tensed up and I wasn’t able to hold out, I stroked a few more times as I unleashed a hot load of cum as I stroked every last drop. Now its time to hope into the shower and get ready for my hook-up to arrive.