BoyGusher – Mike Hawk & Mr Hand


Mike Hawk is a local skater boy that always catches my eye whenever he skates past my house. One day I stopped him to have a conversation. I steered the conversation towards sexuality and found out that Mike was bi. After learning this, I told him about how I like to film myself giving hand jobs to guys and that I’d toss him a few dollars if he’d let me record myself giving him one. He agreed and we set the day and time but he wanted to sleep over because his girlfriend had kicked him out of there house so I told Mike he can sleep in the guest room. Mike was sleeping as I creeped into the room and started feeling his ass and body. I didn’t even have to do anything to Mike as I started rubbing his cock through his briefs and slowly started getting hard. I didn’t waste any time getting Mike’s cock out of his underwear because that thing felt like it was going to be a monster and boy was I right! Mike was breathing heavily while I gave him a hand job so I know I was hitting all of the right spots for him. Not only does he have a beautiful dick, he also has a pair of perfectly shaped and sized balls that are silky smooth. After I got his underwear off I also saw that he has a hairless hole. I jerked him off for 15 minutes before it was time for MIke to give me what I was waiting for ‘ a load of his thick cum. That boy didn’t disappoint because not only did he cum all over my hand, he also shot a glob of his white stuff all the way to his chest. After he came I spent a few minutes watching his cock lie against his stomach as it started to go soft a perfect ending to a perfect hand job.