BadPuppy – Lex Anders


BadPuppy - Lex Anders 1
31-year-old Greek stud Lex Anders stopped by our UK studios and is anxious to show off his hot, manly body. As the interview finishes Lex starts playing with his nipples thru his shirt. He lifts the shirt revealing a muscular, furry chest and abs. As he settles back on the sofa, he pulls off his shirt, loosens his jeans and begins rubbing the huge bulge in his underwear. Lex gets rid of his jeans and underwear, stands and begins jacking his rock-hard cock. He?s soon precumming and Lex uses it to help lube up his dick. Sitting back on the sofa, Lex starts jerking his meat at a very rapid pace. His balls begin to tighten up close to his body. He tweaks his nipples harder and he starts moaning louder. Lex begins shaking as his body convulses with his orgasm and he blows a thick load of creamy jizz.

BadPuppy - Lex Anders 2