BadPuppy – Cesar Rossi & Alessio Vega


BadPuppy - Cesar Rossi & Alessio Vega 1
Our two hot Latinos, Cesar Rossi and Alessio Vega, can’t keep their hands off each other the entire interview. As it concludes the two begin deep-kissing each other and soon they rip off each other’s shirts. They sit down on the bench facing each other. As they continue to kiss, they grab each other’s crotch and begin fondling each other. Alessio pulls Cesar’s cock from his shorts and as Cesar stands Alessio makes his move, woofing down every inch of Cesar’s dick. Cesar spies the bulge in Alessio’s shorts, drops to his knees, pulls down Alessio’s short and wraps his mouth around Alessio’s cock. Cesar continues jacking his own cock while he gives Alessio a blowjob; but, soon spins Alessio around and bends him over the bench. Cesar buries his face in Alessio’s ass and begins working his tongue in and out of Alessio’s hole, priming it for action. Cesar grabs some lube and rubs it into Alessio’s hole before he pushes his long, uncut cock deep into Alessio. Cesar starts fucking harder and harder with Alessio verbally telling us how much he’s enjoying every inch of Cesar’s cock. In the final moments, Alessio is on his back, legs spread in the air with Cesar still pounding away. Alessio grabs his cock and starts jacking as Cesar drives his dick even deeper. It only takes a couple of strokes before Alessio completely loses it and blows his load all over himself. Cesar pulls out, grabs his cock and he immediately starts spraying jizz, coating Alessio’s chest and stomach in his creaminess.

BadPuppy - Cesar Rossi & Alessio Vega 2