TimSuck – Javin Skull Fucks Danny


It’s often the really quiet men who turn out to be intense fuckers. I honestly didn’t think the pairing of shy nice-guy JAVIN with equally shy, equally nice DANNY was going to be anything beyond a standard blowjob. I could not have been more wrong.

First off, I hadn’t met JAVIN before—he came in sight unseen—and didn’t know that he sported a 10-½ incher between his legs. This thing is ludicrously huge. And I had no way of knowing the chemistry between these two would end up being to damned over-the-top power-driven.

DANNY would be the first person to tell you that he’s not the most experienced cocksucker. He’s pretty new to it, in fact. And here he is, face to face with the Moby of all Dicks, and this whale of a wiener demands satisfaction.

I’ll be honest: this scene may be too much for some viewers. JAVIN thrusts his oversized onyx wang deep and impales poor DANNY’s head with it, choking him until I seriously thought the guy was gonna walk or pass out.

But every time, DANNY grins and opens his eyes wide in amazement and dives right back down on it, taking the challenge. He gags, he heaves, he nearly dies. But by god, he gets the job done, and he gets it done but good! This one is for the ages.