TimFuck – Mokes


Know what a “Moke” is? Probably not, unless you’re a tried-and-true smoker. They’re all the rage with the Aussies, and having done them myself, I can tell you it’s the fast track to one of the greatest highs you can get with weed. Take some tobacco, mix it with weed in a bong, and rip it all at once. You’ll get a headrush bigger than poppers and when you come down, you’ll be one stoned-ass motherfucker.

My good friend from down under CHASE ACLAND smokes ass and grass for a living. I brought in the only stoner I knew could handle this guys cock and match his tolerance for ganja CASH LOGAN. Since we got CASH higher than he’d ever been with weed alone, I told him to sit back in that comfy sling and let CHASE have his way with his ass for as long he liked….not that CASH had any issues with that. As any cum-slut would hope, CHASE delivered that pot-filled load directly to CASH’s ass after he couldn’t keep it in any longer. And after they were done? You can bet the two were right back on that bong smoking more mokes. “I’m worried about……nah they’re probably fine,” I told myself, watching them stumble out of the shoot room covered in sweat and spooge.