TimFuck – Hit That Pipe


Wake up, smoke a bowl, eat food, toke up, then head out and smoke some more as you cruise the streets.

That’s CASH LOGAN’s daily routine. A true slut by nature who can’t go an hour without lighting up some green and getting lifted. He played host to one of our favorite BBC’s around, TIMARRIE BAKER, and I knew I had to get them on camera together before he left town — gotta catch these sluts while they are around!

After a quick session with TIMARRIE’s one-hitter (probably CASH’s 5th toke of the day), CASH can’t help but jump on that monster cock. The only thing he loves more than his precious stash o’ weed is monster cocks and getting as much cum inside him as he can. CASH gets more than he bargained for — too stoned to do anything but sit there and take it as TIMARRIE drives his fat, uncut dick home.