TimFuck – Dabs


Dabs — not for the faint of heart. Just one of these can send you flying so high, you won’t even be able to talk.

ZACK GRAYSON is an expert on dabbing. His excitement when I told him I’d have the rig all set up for him for this scene was palpable, even over our phone call. His real-life, hunky boyfriend, DAMIEN KILAUEA had never done a dab before. But being cock-caged (literally) to ZACK, he couldn’t say no when we put that bong up to his face.

Some say that a dab can make your dick limp, but for a pro like ZACK, it just gets him raring to go. DAMIEN, however, is so high, all he can think about is getting that cock inside both his holes. ZACK grabs that meaty ass and quickly goes to town on it — pinning down his sub while he takes what he wants from it. And by the time he’s done using his sub like the good, caged boy he is, he takes another rip from the bong and feeds it directly into his boy’s mouth. By the time I walked out of the door, Damien was blasted and I could see the cum coating the hair all the down his legs.