TickledHard – Dylan’s Tickle Ecstasy


Hairy hippie Dylan is extremely ticklish, but Franco is able to convince him to hit the tickling table. He straps Dylan’s lean swimmer’s body down and starts tickling him gently with different feathers on his sides and nipples. Thunder claps in the background as the tickling intensity increases. Dylan twitches and moans with pleasure under Franco’s tickling touch. You can see every muscle in his skinny body tighten as he’s flooded with tickle ecstasy. The expert tickling continues, and Dylan moans loudly with pleasure, almost as though he’s going to cum. It gets even louder when Franco switches to the feathers’ tips and a big, nubby brush on his slender size 10 feet. It’s obvious Dylan loves it when Daddy climbs on top and tickles him. Franco plays with Dylan’s leaking cock, but he’s not going to give Dylan any release. He goes right back to tickling with his fingers, then makes him wait for the ultimate…a headless electric toothbrush on pulsate, all over Dylan’s sweet bare feet and in between his sexy toes.