Marcus is bedecked and bedazzled for the holidays, wearing Xmas light-patterned boxers and a Santa cap. He takes the festive mood even further by wrapping himself in a string of sparkling lights as he reaches into his shorts and pulls out the greatest gift, his thick erect dong.

Dangling his heavy nuts across the white furry bedspread Marcus kneels and beats his upturned cock. He milks out a glistening drop of precum and rubs the silky fluid between his fingers, then lies back down and uses his free hand to caress his thighs, taint and the hair above his asshole. Then it’s time to give some attention to his sensitive nips and jiggling cojones.

Everything turns to dreamy, soft-focus slowmotion as Marcus rises to his knees and spreads his legs to give a perfect view of his hole and jangling balls as he strokes. He speeds up again and we watch those smooth tight orbs rustle across the soft white fur just below on the bedspread. Wrapping up in the Xmas light string one more time, he gets ready for his holiday treat and beats out a creamy boy nog into his fist and across his muscular torso. Drenched and happy, he glances up into the camera and smiles.