RaunchyBastards – Teen Athlete With Coach Fantasy – Ringo Bishop & Clay


Many guys I meet do these hookups reluctantly, or at least somewhat reluctantly. After all, even though it’s behind closed doors, there’s some societal pressure that’s been internalized. For some more than others, but in order to have a very healthy attitude about it requires a lot of self acceptance and liberal sexual attitudes. There are a few exceptions, however. For some reason, certain Southern and Appalachian boys seems to be a lot more fun and have fewer hangups. I’d love to know why that is, but I’m neither a sociologist nor a psychologist. This guy, Ringo, though doesn’t quite fit the mold, either, but I have a good hunch as to why that is.

From the minute he walked through the door, I could tell he was different. In fact, I’d say he was downright eager to get on with it. Sure, he might have needed to pay a bill or two, but since he lives with his parents and he’s clean and healthy, it’s not like he needs it that badly. What he does need, though, is to fulfill one of his own personal fantasies (or maybe two of them). You see, this fit 18 year old has been going hard in athletics all through high school. You can tell by his physique that he was both a gymnast and a wrestler. How else can buns get that firm? About half way through the session I realized that he was enjoying it as much or more than I was (which is surprising, considering I’m really into the toned little guys like himself). This teen wanted to get fucked by a “coach” figure.

We started out right away kissing, which is fairly unusual. He is passionate, too. Loved making out. He was even moaning when I went down on his hole with my tongue. Most new rimmees are fairly silent, but not Ringo. He loved it. He loved sucking dick, he loves getting his salad tossed, and he loved it when I began loosening up his hole with my cock. He eagerly took all the poppers he could inhale because he was hell bent on getting my thick cock up his tiny poop chute. Well, it did take a while, but by the end of it all he was backing up on my cock like the little engine that could. I bet he has a coach that he’s been jerking off to for years just dying to get railed by him. I’m no coach myself, but I’m glad I could help him out, not only financially, but on another level as well. I can’t wait to get with him again.