Long, lanky, hung Filipino-American California college boy Alec Cruz is fresh to the world of adult entertainment and modeling. In Las Vegas for his first video modeling job with PeterFever, Alec tells us about his interesting history. Raised by two gay adoptive dads, and a gay granddad as well, Alec just came out as gay recently and looks forward to making friends and contacts through his modeling.

Lounging by a warm desert pool, Alec plunges a hand down the waistband of his orange jams and plays with his thick cock. Pulling them down to free his big monster, he spits a little on the head to make the glide easier. Using two hands, he strokes then plunges a finger into his lightly hairy ass. He stands to show off the perfect bronze globes of his muscular butt.

Back in the green lounge chair, he beats firmly, keeps a steady eye on his throbbing cock. The juicy thwack of his fist speeds up and he gets closer to shooting. He groans a little, tenses his legs and feet as the big splash approaches, then with a panting breath covers his six-pack abs and lean muscular chest with a splatter of cream. Wiping up Alec can’t help plunging his hand into his mouth for a taste, then it’s off to the showers to clean up.