New boy around Japanboyz, Yusaku, is moving fast. Now it’s his turn to try topping, this week with veteran bottom Tomohisa. In the glare of a bright light in an all-white room, Yusaku and Tomohisa embrace and kiss, grabbing each other’s chests and nips before moving down for a nibble. Yusaku gives little love bites to Tomohisa’s nipples, then lightly brushes his scruffy beard down his torso. He pulls down Tomo’s briefs and licks from nuts to tip of the cock, then takes the head in tenderly. Moving down to the smooth shaved ass, Yusaku laps his broad tongue up and down Tomo’s crack.

Turned-on Tomohisa begins worshiping Yusaku’s dick, preparing him to fuck. He begins slathering his hole with lube while Yusaku rolls on a condom. Pulling his legs up, he opens his ass for manly stud Yusaku to plow on in. gliding in to the root, Yusaku holds his dick there for a few moments for Tomohisa to savor the feeling of being crammed full of hot stiff cock. Then he rolls down on top of Tomohisa and kisses him deeply while buried all the way into his quivering ass.

Now it’s time to pump, and Yusaku picks up speed. He rocks back to a kneel and lets Tomohisa ride up and down his stiff hard pole. After letting Tomohisa ride and control the fuck for a bit, Yusaku takes charge and slams hard and fast into his new buddy. He pulls out to spew a gooey puddle onto Tomohisa’s belly, then licks away at Tomo’s cock. Giving it a smooth hard yank, he coaxes out a creamy eruption that drools down the top of Tomohisa’s thick shaft. Yusaku plays fingerpaint with the sticky sperm, then rises to give him a long sweet kiss.