HungYoungBrit – BEST LOOKING 20yr EVER pulled 4 REAL @brighton in the street


You gotta see this boy his absolutely, out of this universe, SERIOUSLY stunning I actually thought all my dreams ? had come true when he agreed to hang out with us,
His even got a 6 pack to go with that hot body n cock- he ? like a premiere league footballer ⚽
The chemistry is amazing and shows,
I fucking rib his shorts down,
put him on the bathroom sink,
spit on my cock and start poking it in,
then I fucking well go for it?
Even though his got that stupidly big dick,
he LOVED being fucked & begs me to cum inside him,
I bend that little tiny waist over the ?tub n fuck him like a rabbit ??
We got well carried away, then at some point I’m sitting on the ? lid with him riding my dick so fucking fast ?
I burst my cum ? right there n then, pulling out ever so quick “as so YOU can see at home” me cumming then sticking it back in to squirt ? up him as he so badly wanted!

How it started was I’m interviewing people, and I clocked him in the background and quickly grabbed him to ask if his ok to be interviewed for a questionnaire regarding Pornography ?
(The Porn questions is just a ploy to see how many beautiful stunners we can snog at prides) but we got the proper equipment now so we ? the real deal
BTW I have turned this idea ? into reality now so if I come up to ya with a mic and say we wanna interview ? then we are not pretending anymore, although we still might wanna quick ?) HAHA
yeah back to this boy
So we went around Brighton approaching absolutely everyone and he tagged along, bless him he had came to Brighton all on his own,
? Later we all went out partying in the street and our flat was like right close by so after a few drinks we end up back there….
We don’t even make it in the front door before I touching that HUGE HUNG dick of his (wait till ya see it) ???
I french kiss the fuck out of his beautiful face and his well into me just as much as I am him!!
It’s one of them moments I’ll NEVER FORGET
His one hot, very sexually attractive lad! And funny and sweet and just a really lovely decent person, ok I might ?? him a little from the small amount of time we spent together-
I actual invite him to come live in London with me after we had finished (really cringe worthy) Lol remember I was a bit gone as well.