FrenchTwinks – Roommate in Love – Justin Leroy & Lucas Bouvier

After having each got a lesson from the Principal, Justin Leroy and Lucas Bouvier have an interest in stick to the rules, but they will not stay wise for long. The two boys are doing their homework in the room they share, but when Lucas calls Justin for help in solving a physics problem, it’s finally the physical relationships that take precedence over science! Justin and Lucas kiss and their hands slip into their boxers to masturbate each other. The excitement rises and the two boys are now naked and their cock hard as fuck. Lucas then invites Justin to suck him and tries to make him swallow his big cock to the end. The blonde miss to choke but the pleasure pushes him to exceed his limits. After a good blowjob Lucas turns Justin on the belly and start to eat his ass. The expert mouth and hands of Lucas make his buddy moan with pleasure and his little pink hole opens gradually. Lucas slowly introduces his thick cock in the ass of Justin who grimaces at first and then he starts to fuck him wildly, almost brutally. Justin is moaning under the assaults of the stallion who gives all his energy to pound this pretty little ass. Breathless but not yet exhausted Lucas lies Justin to the side and fucks him again, more lovingly but still so powerfully. Justin will finish exploding with pleasure in an incredible ejaculation and it’s covered with cum, from the belly to the neck, that the twink continues to get fucked before Lucas cum in turn.