DreamBoyBondage – Johnny Boy – Broken At 18 – Part 4


High-school athlete Johnny Boy, completely naked, is strapped to a cross, positioned for maximum muscle strain, his arms at 40 degrees, his knees bent slightly. The teenager has virtually no body hair, just a trace under each arm, making every muscle clearly visibly as he hangs from the wood, his chest and ribs scarred from an earlier whipping. He is to hang for 12 hours – despite having been promised a reduction to eight if he jerked-off on command. Johnny has the perfect body for the cross: Still a teen, he is lean and light but with more muscle than a runner or a swimmer, strong but not heavy. After six hours, Johnny drifts in and out of consciousness, but Felix brings him back to life, zapping him with the taser and clamping his nipples with alligator clips. Johnny’s glistening, agonized body, stretched but still strong, is a sight of pure beauty.