CumClub – Uhhh, You’re Good at That!”


Trevor, a 20-year-old, ultra-good looking, straight guy, told us he’s never shot his load in anyone’s mouth before and has never been deep-throated, or even had his balls licked. Not even by a chick… He swears he has never touched or been touched by a dude in a sexual way. We’re about to change all of that…

Aaron was super excited to be the lucky one to wrap his lips around Trevor’s thick dick. We included a lot of footage of his facial expressions. The look on his face as a guy goes down on his cock for the first time is priceless!

To begin his work, Aaron starts easily on Trevor by rubbing his bulge through his jeans. Once the initial “touch” was over, Aaron moves in and pulls Trevor’s cock out.

We had a hard time reading his facial expressions. We weren’t sure if he was going to punch Aaron or start crying. Thankfully his looks of confusion turned to those of pleasure and amazement.

After some tug-and-puff, Aaron thinks it’s time to show this straight guy what a gay guy has to offer when it comes to sucking cock.

Aaron starts out licking Trevor’s big, low hanging nut sack.

Aaron moves into full suckoff mode and Trevor moans once his lips hit his dick head. Aaron goes down for some deep strokes and Trevor says, “oh, nice”. Aaron asks how he it feels and Trevor says, “wow, it’s interesting”. So, Aaron continues to work over Trevor’s increasingly hard pecker.

Trevor sits back as Aaron goes to town munching on his dick. Aaron goes back and forth licking Trevor’s nuts and sucking his cock; this was making him really, really hard. At this point, Trevor still looks a bit like he was fighting how good it felt having a dude suck his dick and lick his balls.

Trevor stands up for some face fucking. He gives Aaron’s mouth a few pumps and then Aaron takes over the blow job from there. Aaron gets on his knees and gives it his all to get Trevor to blow his load.

Trevor reaches his limit and is ready to shoot. Aaron works Trevor’s cock with his mouth and hand. Trevor’s cock was now rock hard, pulsating and ready to explode.

Through some whispers, Trevor tells Aaron he’s going to cum. Trevor releases his hot load on Aaron’s face and into his mouth. Wanting every drop, Aaron continues to suck the cum out of Trevor’s throbbing pole.

When it was all over, Seth asked Trevor what he thought of his first dude on dude blowjob. He looks up and says, “Uhhh, You’re Good at That!”. lol Yes Trevor, he is really good at sucking cock & swallowing cum…

We hope you all enjoy Trevor’s first-gay-blowjob.


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