BoyGusher – Cute and Nerdy – Kenny Washington


I met Kenny at the mall as I was purchasing a new pair of shoes. Kenny was my salesperson helping me find the right pair of shoes. Kenny was very friendly and a bit flirty and I just thought he was being kind and trying to make the sale. We struck up a conversation and one thing led to another and Kenny recognized my voice as well as my look and asked me if I filmed porn and if I appeared on certain porn sites. I blushed and told him yes and he was very excited to meet me and I found out that some of his first porn he watched featured me either behind the camera or watched me filming in front of the camera. He was so excited as if he met a celebrity and he wanted to be in front of the camera and film for me. I gave him my business card and told him to call me when he was ready. I was up late on my computer and I get a text from Kenny that he wanted to come by my place and perhaps I can film him. I told him I don’t film at night but he is still welcome to stop by. He came over and chilled and he fell asleep an hour or two before I decided to call it a night. I went in to check in on him in the morning hour and he was still sleeping soundly. I started to feel his chest and rub his nipples as he started to wake up. I started playing with his nipple because I was certain this would make him horned up and fully wake up. He moved his body closer to me and I started to play with his cock through his underwear. His cock was growing and getting harder. After playing with him through his underwear for a few minutes he had a smile on his face and started moaning and feeling horned up, I went ahead and pulled his cock out of his briefs. Kenny is a perfectly smooth guy with a pair of shaved and silky balls and a beautiful cock. Throughout the hand job I’d hit the right spot and he’d get an adorable smile on his face and moaned and groaned even more. I must have been doing something right because as he was getting closer to cumming, he started to shift around a lot as I continuously hit his pleasure points. Kenny began getting really loud as I picked up the pace and brought him closer to ejaculation. That boy is a moaner! I kept jerking harder and harder until he came all over my hand, while still moaning! Now that we’ve broken the ice, I hope he comes back home again soon! If he does, I’ll defiantly try to get more videos shot Kenny.