BlakeMason – Jack Taylor & Frankie Quinn


We were having a quiet day in the office when someone asked why we hadn’t teamed gorgeous Jack with sexy Frankie yet. Needless to say, it became an immediate obsession. It wasn’t hard to achieve, these guys are horny for it all the time and they both had the hots for each other right from the start. The sensual kissing becomes hungry, the moment those big cocks are out they’re slurping on each other, and the with a little lube for Frankie’s willing hole athletic young Jack is filling him up! Fucked from behind and clearly loving it Frankie switches things up by offering his dick for Jack to ride, a challenge he eagerly accepts. Don’t be thinking that’s the end of it, these guys go back and forth, taking turns to ram each other until Frankie finds himself bouncing on his friend’s big dick and spilling seed all over him, followed by a messy splashing from Jack! Who would have guessed this pairing would be so good? Oh yeah, all of us!