BentleyRace – Our beautiful new mate Luca Garcia in his first nude shoot


It’s time to meet our sexy new mate Luca Garcia. I invited the 26 y/o South American around to my hotel while I was visiting Berlin this past summer. Luca was incredibly shy when I first met him and was really not sure about modelling for me. I’m glad he went ahead with doing it, because this boy is beautiful! He has a great smile and a killer body. I was actually getting distracted each time he would break out in a big smile while I snapped more photos. I quickly worked through the photos so our already horny new mate could get off in his first nude video. Luca is going to be a great addition to the site and our group of horny fit mates. I hope we will get to shoot together again in the new year. So welcome to the super sext Luca Garcia!