BeefCakeHunter – Bad Santa Eric


Hi Hunters, here’s a little surprise video for Christmas!
It’s about me getting surprised in Christmas Eve by Bad Santa Eric. After all it seems that I have been a good boy this year and he brought me a hard, nice and juicy “present”, hmmh.

The temperature at BeefCakeHunter Land is always high and Santa Eric is shirtless and in shorts, but full of holiday joy! He was very eager to make me try my “gift”, he assured me I am a deserving one LOL.

After I unwrapped my present I went down on him and I sucked it with the most excitement. Then I turned around and Bad Santa Eric gave me a quick pounding, for sure he needs more practice or maybe he was in hurry to make sure he has enough time to pay a couple of more visits to other “deserving ones” ?

When he finished, Christmas eve couldn’t be whiter with all his thick white cum in my mouth and face, but the night wasn’t over, the Helpers were outside …hahaahah.

I know this is a short video, it was done last minute, sorry for the “bad” acting LOL, but I wanted to give you something today. For next year you may want to let me know which Beefcake would be the perfect bad Santa. I really hope you all Hunters are having a wonderful holiday season and like Bad Santa Eric says: Merry Dickmaxxx Hunters!