TitanMen – Joe Gage Sex Files 1


It’s Joe Gage’s feature Jack-Off Party at Billy Bob’s, another free for all that features a bunch of horny guys who show up at Billy Bob’s house one summer afternoon hot and sweaty in T-shirts and shorts to watch videos and jack off. “I love to jack off,” are the first words out of Billy Bob’s mouth leaving no doubt what’s to cum. Billy Bob’s tall, dark, and good-looking cousin Jesse shows up early to the party looking studly in tank top, shorts and a 5 o’clock shadow. He pops in a video, leans back on the couch, and slowly pulls and massages his dick with one hand while playing with his balls with the other. Soon, his big boner is greasy and leaking precum, his shorts have gone missing and his cock is sprung and flexing. With his long, thick legs spread-eagled, he pumps a hot sticky load all over his pubes.