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Finally, I get my turn to work over super hot, 23-year-old, Taylor! You see, earlier in the evening Taylor was sucked off, not once, but twice by my lucky partner, Aaron French. For those shoots, I was left working the camera with a raging boner in my pants.

Taylor said he can cum multiple times in a row with almost no break. Of course, if you say that to Aaron and me, we’re for sure going to put you to the test.

Test him we did! Taylor passed with flying colors and donated a record amount of straight boy spunk.

I start out sucking on Taylor’s hairy balls then work my way up to his cock. Taylor has a real sexy tight body, hairy pits, intact pubes (man-bush), and a beautiful rock hard dick, just the perfect size for sucking on.

I work his pole, deep throating and licking every inch. Taylor is a heavy pre-cummer, which of course, I love. His clear precum served as an appetizer before the meal that was about to come.

Taylor is so fucking sexy I had to whip out my dick and jack myself as I sucked on him. Almost as soon as I pull out my dick, Taylor’s body tightens up and he pops off his load in my mouth. I swallow every drop of Taylor’s tasty cum.

Taylor’s body is still quivering from his orgasm and I squeeze his cock, milking out a few more drops of man juice. I use these droplets of cum as lube to stroke my cock.

With Taylor’s cum coating my throat and now smeared all over my dick, I blow my jizz just missing Taylor’s feet. I take his cum dripping cock back in my mouth and suck and swallow every last drop of semen from his shaft.

Dudes like Taylor always leave us wanting even more spunk. It’s not that Taylor didn’t give enough. Believe me, his load was beyond perfect… It’s just that the more cum we consume, the more cum we desire. Now pardon us as we go hunting for more loads.


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