CumClub – Mouthful of Muscle


Shane’s here to have his ass eaten, dick sucked & his cum swallowed. Shane starts out by telling us about his experience fucking JJ; his first gay fuck ever! Shane then shows off all the years of hard work he’s put into his body.

Really though, Aaron was just after his ass and cock… Shane gets on his hands and knees, showing off his tight butt and hairy hole. Shane asks Aaron if he wants to lick it and without a flinch, Aaron munches down on Shane’s butt like it was his last supper. Aaron drives his tongue deep into Shane’s tight asshole. Seeing Shane likes tongue in his butt, Aaron fucks Shane’s hole even deeper with his tongue.

Shane is now ready for his blowjob, and Aaron, who is a cum hungry fiend, wants Shane’s load bad. Shane sprawls out on the bed and gets comfortable and Aaron works his cock over with his mouth. Aaron deep-throats Shane’s dick and Shane loves it. Shane stands on the bed for a better position; in order to fuck Aaron’s face better. After a good face fucking, Shane blows his load on, in and around Aaron’s hungry mouth. Shane’s gorgeous body and Aaron’s cum dripping smile end this lovely video.

You’ll notice a scene change mid-way through the video. We were interrupted by a crazy person that was supposed to film with us after Shane. He basically showed up and caused a big scene. We were forced to stop the shoot. Shane was kind enough to come to our home and finish the scene a few days later. Shane is a great guy both on and off screen. If only everyone we filmed was sane and normal like Shane, this would be a piece of cake. Until then, we’ll just have to deal with the occasional freak that comes our way.


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