CumClub – Mountain Man Cum Swallowing

23 Year Old, straight stud, Ethan, is by far one of the hottest men Seth has ever had the pleasure of sucking off. He has everything when it comes to performing; great face, good sense of humor, fantastic body and a HUGE beautiful cock.

This was a really fun shoot we did up in the mountains. We started off with Seth taking some photos of Ethan’s beautiful body.

Ethan being the big goofball that he is, cracks jokes and pretends to be shy during the photo shoot. However, when Seth plant his lips on his huge hard cock, Ethan turns serious and we get down to business. Seth try his hardest to get Ethan’s cock all the way down his throat. This was nearly impossible as his cock is just so damn thick.

As Seth continues to service Ethan in the woods, the guys are interrupted a few times by ATVs and off-road motorcycles. This was actually quite the turn on for both Ethan and Seth. You know, the possibility of getting caught swallowing cum from a hot straight dude, in the great outdoors, doesn’t happen every day… Actually, lately it has 🙂 Seth is so turned on that he just had to whip out his dick and jack off while sucking on Ethan’s pole.

Then we started hearing gunshots just over the hill. We’re not sure if they were target practicing, hunting or what, but we sure weren’t going to stick around to find out.

Seth quickly work his mouth magic and Ethan is ready to blow. Seth opens wide and take the big cum load right in his mouth and on his face. Ethan shoves his cum dripping cock back in Seth’s mouth releasing even more jizz down his throat. Seth grabs some of Ethan’s cum that landed on his face and use it as cum-lube to jack himself off with. Seth shoots his load all over the forest floor.

Ethan was spent, and Seth was in cum-covered heaven!


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