CumClub – Anonymous Quick Breed – Public Restroom

Aaron and Seth were out shopping at a downtown pedestrian mall when they hop into a public restroom to take a piss. Just as Seth finishes his pee, some random dude walks in. At first, Seth didn’t think much of it, just another dude using the bathroom. That is until this dude turns around with his cock in his hand, motioning to Seth to get a closer look. Seth takes the invite, grabs the dudes cock and asks him if he wants to get fucked. The dude immediately turns around and bends over…

Whoa, not so fast! Seth says to himself, “we’re going to film this fucker”! Seth tells the guy to hang on a second as he grabs Aaron from outside the door. Aaron enters and immediately starts his camera as Seth whips out his cock.

The dude sucks Seth’s cock a bit then turns around to get plowed. Being in a public space, Seth wants this to go pretty fast so he slathers on some lube so he can start fucking hard and fast. Seth slips his dick in and pounds the dude deep. This all happened so fast the guys didn’t even use the cover of a stall. They’re just butt-fucking right out in the open, near the common sink.

Knowing the door to the restroom could swing open at any second, Seth pounds away knowing he’d better cum pretty fast. The dude he’s fucking bends over some more and pushes back on Seth’s cock. This guy really wants Seth’s load deep!

Just as Seth starts to cum, he goes in deeper to make sure his load is deposited far into this guy’s guts. Seth releases his big load, then pulls out. Not much cum spills out which means his seed is planted nice and deep. You can see the cum still oozing out of Seth’s cockhead.

Seth uses the sink to clean off his cock. The dude comes over grabs Seth’s dick and thanks him for the load. How polite!

These quick, anonymous, breeding hookups are really fucking hot. Seth was able to deposit his DNA into a dude’s body without even taking his pants off. Now that’s convenient!

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